Project name: Cross-Border FIRESHIELD;
Approved under the Cross-border Programme the Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II);

Project partners:

Municipality of Vrapciste (MK),

Municipality of Cerrik (AL),
Municipality of Bogovinje (MK),

Total budget: 859.196,00 €


Impact of the project

To contribute towards environmental protection in the CB area by upgrading the public infrastructure for risk management.
-     To introduce joint risk management for (wild)fire prevention in the CB area;
-     To establish unique inter-municipal fire protection system;
-     To build-up capacities for responding to natural disasters in the CB area;
-     To raise awareness for environment protection in the CB area;
Outputs of the project
-     Joint risk management plan for wildfire and fire protection and Standard operations procedures (SOP) are developed and put in practice;
-     Joint fire protection department of Municipality Vrapciste and Bogovinje under the Law of inter-municipal cooperation is established;
-     A new FIRE STATION for the newly established fire protection inter-municipal department is built;
-     Special forest fire extinguishing vehicle is purchased for Vrapciste-Bogovinje fire station;
-     9 firefighters are employed, trained and equipped in the inter-municipal fire protection department;
-     23 firefighters across the border are with increased capacities for responding to natural disasters;
-     Special natural disaster responding gear is purchased for Cerrik fire department;
-     A natural disaster response voluntary system of 20 people is established and equipped, involving retired military staff and local population from rural areas in the cross-border region;
-     8200 primary school children are with raised awareness on forest fire prevention and wildfire consequences to the environment and fire alarms are installed in 3 primary schools;
-     More than 25 000 rural households and more than 110.000 people from rural areas of the cross-border area are with raised awareness on fire and wildfire prevention.

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